Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hidden Gems That I Wish I'd Discovered Sooner

Time to get a little off subject. Okay, maybe not. There are no rules to this blog. This is a democracy! So the other day while procrastinating on homework, I caught myself channel surfing. This is a pastime of mine that I haven't practiced since I found Netflix and Hulu so it was nice to fall back on old habits. Anyway, eventually this session of channel surfing welcomed me into a world of wonder. Seriously, it was pure euphoria. I've never been a major television whore, but after what I've seen I wish I'd sat up and listened to some of the reviews critics have been spewing about today's television programming.

It used to be that I'd lost hope for today's programming. After all, I'm a 90's baby who grew up watching reruns of classics like I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Three's Company, Gillian's Island, Green Acres and The Andy Griffin Show. Since shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom have leaked from the airwaves, I've limited myself to independent films and foreign TV shows. (No offense to anyone who likes Jersey Shore or Teen Mom by the way. They just aren't my taste. Sorry!)

But as I skimmed my Directv schedule, I realized just how bias I've been to modern television and for that I apologize for not sitting up and taking notice. Shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men have shown my the error of my ways. Four years ago, I'd never imagine myself watching a show about a meth dealing chemistry teacher with cancer, but this show reeled me in and refused to let go. I was literally hooked by the second episode and refused to leave it alone.

Although I'll probably forever be a picky person in terms of TV, I'm vowing to myself to  at least give more attention to cable TV.

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