The Porcelain Prodigy Project – (Contemporary ya/ sci-fi) A teenager with the ability to regenerate amputated limbs discovers that he was raised as a test-tube baby and harvested for his bone marrow as an unwilling donor to cure the sick. 

When he falls for the terminally ill girl whom he’s destined to be a donor for, he finds himself with a choice: to either escape the compound he was raised in and let her die or to give up his own life for a chance to save hers.


Doppelgänger – (Psychological thriller/ Contemporary ya) - Following the tragic death of his girlfriend, a teenager experiences déjà vu in the form of new girl at school who is a spitting image of his dead girlfriend. 


Doppelgänger has been renamed to "The Truth About Never" and the cover has been finalized!

Timekeeper - YA
In 3012, every baby born is implanted with a tiny microchip. This chip, if activated, granted death to the holder. It was the modern way to control criminals; those who broke the law died. 

Today, Hollin Crown’s chip was accidentally triggered. With less than three days to live, Hollin must track down the Timekeeper in an effort to deactivate her chip or die trying.  

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