Born and raised as a native of the south, Amberly's spent a life with books and been writing since she could talk. This soft-spoken southern bell is always reading (or eating) something. You can find her near Elvis' hometown smackdab in the heartland of Graceland, Memphis TN.

Her favorite tales come from a plethora of the classics such as Jane Austen and some of today's modern favorites such as John Green. She's a lover of all things YA and enjoys even more putting her own spin on the genre herself.She writes for horror, suspense and sci-fi audiences of all ages and loves every second of this whimsical writer's life.

Amberly's upcoming debut novel, Naked As We Came, is a rousing sci-fi romance set in a time (and place) when humans are the minority on a planet ruled by the vicious Achillai, a humanoid race who aim to enslave.