Sixteen-year-old Cassidy Tomei was one of the lucky few airlifted aboard the Wonder to the planet Nyx. This emergency exodus from Earth was meant to bring new hope for the remaining survivors of humankind, but there’s one problem. Humankind isn’t alone on this mysterious new planet.
On Nyx, Cassidy is one of many living amongst subzero temperatures and with nothing, but a meager ration of food for every household. When the rations deplete, she flees to into unfamiliar wilderness in search of food, but instead discovers debris from a foreign spacecraft that proves humankind is no longer the dominate species.  

Soon, everything she knows is at stake and everyone she loves is dead. But she’s got one more battle to fight when she’s taken prisoner within Pelhoi, a concentration camp constructed specifically for humans where hominoid creatures dubbed, “the Achillai” reign supreme.

She seeks freedom, but finds romance with someone who might either save her or get her killed. 


Jared and Casey were in love until the day she tragically died. Now Jared’s haunted by visions and dreams of her, guilt-ridden with thoughts of the very car accident that caused her untimely death because he was the one driving.

As if being sued by her family and facing a possible prison sentence isn't enough, Jared’s left with the dreaded task of finishing out his senior year of high school without her in a school full of gossip and rumors. This mission’s made nearly impossible to do upon the arrival of a new girl that no one but Jared notices as Casey’s complete and utter identical twin.
Knowing full well that Casey is dead, Jared can’t escape or explain why the new girl looks and acts exactly just like her. Once more is the fact that no one else is even acknowledging it. To them, either Jared’s insane with guilt or working up an elaborate insanity plea defense for court.

The more immersed Jared becomes in the mystery of this new girl’s uncanny resemblance to Casey, the further and further away reality slips from him until he realizes that he can't eat, sleep or function properly until this doppelganger has been confronted once and for all. 

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