Sunday, September 2, 2012

Song Quote For The Day: "Keep Your Feet On The Ground, When Your Head's In The Clouds"

Here are two things I'd like to share about myself.

One: I love words and I admire anyone who knows how to cleverly use them.

Two: I'm a bona fide music geek. 

These two things coincide. Here's how. I love ALL kinds of music from any and every genre. Music to me is like food for the soul. It's been a godsend to me for years and I honestly don't think I could've gotten through half of the things I've been through in my life without it. My favorite songs consist of carefully crafted tunes with lyrics deep enough to give me a feeling of pure euphoria. Maybe that was a little too melodramatic sounding, but it's true.

I also love a good song with relatable lyrics. In fact, for every song I've fallen in love with over the years, there's at least one line that can't be ignored. So for today's song quote, I've picked out something from a Paramore song called Brick By Boring Brick:

"Keep your feet on the ground, when your head's in the clouds"

This is a line that I seriously considered getting tattooed on my arm at one point. The first time I heard it, I couldn't help, but laugh because it sounded like something I needed to hear. I spend most days with my head "in the clouds." I'm a perpetual dreamer. I like to believe that if you work hard enough, you'll get anywhere you want to be regardless of what anyone else has to say. That's not to say that you should ignore reality. I'll never tell anyone to give up on something they want for the sake of convenience, but sooner or later, commonsense has to kick in. 

This is where "keeping your feet on the ground" comes in at. You're free to dream so long as you remember that there will always be bills to pay and responsibilities to tend to. Nothing irks me more than a person who throws all caution to the wind on a whim. Be smart people. Pursue everything with an open heart, but a clear head. If you want that lottery ticket, buy it. Just make sure you don't spend the whole month's rent on lottery tickets. The odds aren't in your favor on that front, but hell, nothing's wrong with a little recreational gambling, right?

Anyway, this quote alone isn't the only reason I hold this Paramore song so near and dear to me. To me, the whole song is genius. It tells a story that I think anyone can relate to and never fails to remind me of what's most important. For that, Brick By Boring Brick will forever have a place on my playlist as well as my heart. 

Bonus:  I couldn't resist dropping a link to this song. Read the lyrics and tell me what you think this song is trying to say.


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